Authentic Black Forest

For visitors that arrive from the big cities or the flat lands,
the Black Forest represents a great experience - even today.

The Black Forest is more than ever rich in beautiful trees and woods.
There has been careful forestation of the once barren mountain ridges
in the past 200 years which made the Black Forest what it is today:
a harmonious countryside.

Come and enjoy a relaxing holiday
or spend just a few days in the Black Forest - you deserve it!

The following pictures from the Black Forest should give you an impression
of what you might discover once you leave busy roads and plunge into nature.

A little tip: If you click for the single pictures you can enjoy a large shot of the scenery.

The Lake Mummelsee Small and large trees
In our Black Forest valley The castle ruin Hohengeroldseck  
seen from above
Ruin Hohengeroldseck, a nice hiking target Winter in the Upper Black Forest
Enchanting woods in autumn The Kaiserstuhl,
A field of flowers ..... ..... and their little visitors
Spring has arrived ! Raw material wood, 
the material your furniture is made from
Seelbach, looking toward the south Get a cool drink of water 
from the "Selmenwiibli" fountain
The castle Dautenstein A view through the beech wood descending  
towards Seelbach in the Black Forest valley
Something beautiful ..... ..... curious .....
..... and refreshing in the Litschental 
- a small valley adjacent to Seelbach Winter is certainly coming !
Black Forest Kirschwasser (Cherry Brandy) At the Harmersbächle (Harmersbrook)
The Hexenloch (Witchhole) Mill Winter by the river
A split 100-year old beech, 
"carved and modeled" by a whirlwind The s´Glatze Mühle in Seelbach, 
a historic technical and cultural monument
A view from the vinyards "Schutterlindenberg" 
on the Black Forest town Lahr

Terrace swimming pool in Lahr

Schwarzwälder Kirschwasser im besonders frühen Stadium

Die Natur beginnt direkt vor der Haustüre 

Geheimnisvolle Geroldseck 

Auch der Winter hat seine Reize 

In unserem Schwarzwaldtal 

Magical chrysanthemums in November 
hanging from the Storchenturm (Stork Tower) in Lahr

Europa-Park in Rust  -  Fun without limits

Badischer Spätburgunder - na ja - noch nicht ganz - aber bald

Im Glockenturm der Katharinenkapelle 

Hohengeroldeck im Winter 

Auch der Winter hat seine Reize 

In unserem Schwarzwaldtal 

BLACK FOREST - Enjoy your holiday !