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Health Resort Seelbach, 
central town of our Black Forest valley
Talblick House (Valley View House) 
with apartments 1 and 2
Apartment 1 in Talblick House - our finest
Apartment 2 in Talblick House - our apartment for families
Sonnhalde House (Sunny Hillside House) 
with apartment 3
Apartment 3 in Sonnhalde House - our "dollhouse" apartment
Enjoy the excellent furnishings of our apartments
Excursions: if you want to take advantage of all them, 
                        you should move to our area 
                        or come for a holiday three times a year
Our photos will give you a preview of what is waiting for you 
when you visit the Black Forest
Our Guest Book - please tell us what you liked or did not like, 
                                  and what we could do different 
                                  and perhaps better
Our apartment rates will please you
You will be surpised how centrally located 
the Middle Black Forest area is
Contact us for brochure and video film. 
Please inform us as to when you would like to come. 
We look forward to your visit
Call us or send us a Fax or eMail - you will be happy you did